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A Trusted Dealership Offering a Wide Selection of Scooters

Scooterville is a full-service scooter dealership that offers the most affordable, comfortable way to get around town! We have been named the number one scooter dealer in the state of Florida due to our excellent record in sales and service.

Why Choose Us

At our dealership, we strive to share the fun and excitement of the open road on the saddle of a safe and reliable ride. We have proudly served hundreds of residents in and around Kissimmee and Orlando areas.

A woman sitting on the back of a scooter.

Offering Everything You Need to Get on the Road

All of our scooters are street legal and get more than 100 miles per gallon on average. In addition to carrying the latest models from brands like Kymco and Genuine, we offer accessories to create the ideal riding experience, which includes:

  • Locks
  • Covers
  • Helmets
  • Storage Cases

Why Get a Scooter?

By riding a scooter, you can enjoy the independence, freedom, and fun that they offer. Whether you’re riding to work, going to an appointment, running errands, or picking up a date, you will get around easily and arrive in style on one of our bikes.

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Speak With Our Friendly Team

Regardless of whatever scooter you are looking for, we are happy to listen and help you get on the road. For more information regarding our selection of models, reach out to our team today.